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What are the most common beers on restaurant/bar lists in the US?
Beer snob cities! Oakland (89%), S.F. (81%) and Berkeley (78%) are among the top 10 of cities with beer lists that don't serve the Big 3 macrobrews (that's Coors Light, Bud Light and Miller Lite). San Jose to our near south comes in at 16 with 71%.
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Why is Pittsburgh being called the new darling destination? | Pittsburgh Post
In fact, the Post couldn't get enough of Pittsburgh, publishing that with another piece on July 16 on the city's restaurant scene. had the same idea, with a piece July 17 asking, “Is Pittsburgh the Country's Next Destination Food Town?” Eater …
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A 'Seinfeld' field guide to touring New York City |

A 'Seinfeld' field guide to touring New York City |
Those who would prefer to go it alone also can tour the city from a “Seinfeld”-focused perspective and head uptown, specifically Morningside Heights, to dine at Tom's Restaurant (although fans of the show probably know it best as the gang's daily …
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Waste Management, Oakland Propose Reduced Compost Rates After Restaurants
After a loud outcry from Oakland restaurants about the massive increases in composting rates in the city's new trash program, city officials have proposed a change to the prices that would make it less expensive for businesses to sustainably recycle …
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Vehicle crashes into Prairie Village restaurant | The Kansas City Star

Vehicle crashes into Prairie Village restaurant | The Kansas City Star
One person sustained minor injuries Tuesday when a vehicle crashed into a Prairie Village restaurant. Police said the incident occurred just after 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Urban Table in the 8200 block of Mission Road. The vehicle caused “significant …
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Council weighs balance of city centre shops and restaurants
Dublin City Council has set up a working group to examine the various issues relating to cafes and restaurants replacing city centre shops, in the wake of criticism that planning policies on changes of use are both restrictive and contradictory. An …
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PC restaurant shut down for second time this year
Throughout the state, 20 restaurants received emergency closures from the DBPR last week. The closest restaurant shut down was the Noodle House on 23rd Street in Panama City, which was issued an emergency closure notice for cockroach activity.
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3 SLC restaurants shut down for health code violations
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Salt Lake County Health Department shut down three local restaurants in Salt Lake City last week. One was serving partially eaten rice to its customers. Health inspectors say it's a good reminder to restaurant owners to …

Louie Bossi's Is a Modern American-Italian Restaurant Boasting Old World
When you build an Italian restaurant such as this in South Florida, it seems the patronage will deliver itself in droves. Large concepts are nothing new for the aptly named Big Time Restaurant Group, also known for Big City Tavern (the group's first …
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In a City With Astoundingly Good Mexican Food, Rocio Camacho's Mexican
Since then, her name has been associated with at least half a dozen restaurants, including three called Rocio's Mole de los Dioses, where she cooked so many varieties of mole — of such astonishing diversity and quality — that she earned the title of …
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The Past, Present, and Future of Cheap Eats in New York City

The Past, Present, and Future of Cheap Eats in New York City
At Eater New York we find ourselves preoccupied with the real estate market and the effect it has on restaurants. On a daily basis, reports surface of well-liked establishments going under due to ridiculous rent increases. Meanwhile, places that are …
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Brazilian City of Sao Paulo Bans Foie Gras in Restaurants
On the other side of the fence, some of the City's leading chefs and restaurant operators have quickly spoken up against the decision. Michelin starred Chef Alex Atala, the man behind DOM one the world's best restaurants, has slammed the bill saying to …
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States Battle Cities Over Minimum Wage
University of California, Berkeley, researchers surveyed San Francisco restaurants before and after the city raised its minimum wage from $ 6.75 to $ 8.50 in 2004 and found no effect on employment growth, even though the restaurant industry employs many …
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Oklahoma City restaurant memories sought for book, video project

Oklahoma City restaurant memories sought for book, video project
This food-loving dude's summer will be spent writing a book about the history of Oklahoma City restaurants. I've written enough about them to write a book, but the book I want to write needs the fingerprints of those who've been living and dining in …

11 Family-Friendly Restaurants in NYC That Grown-Ups Won't Hate
For some New Yorkers, hearing that a restaurant is "family-friendly" may evoke unappetizing visions of chicken fingers and sticky floors. Though not all New York City restaurants are completely accommodating of tiny patrons, there are many that embrace …
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Rising egg prices bedevil restaurants, grocers and consumers
Campo Lindo Farms, a farm north of Kansas City with 3,000 laying hens, said avian flu in one of its flocks would have put it out of business. However, Campo Lindo has not increased prices to take advantage of other companies' lagging production numbers …
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Fast-growing KBP gobbles up more fast-food restaurants
Overland Park-based KBP Foods LLC, one of the nation's fastest-growing restaurant companies, has gobbled up two dozen more quick-service eateries. KBP acquired the 24 KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silver's franchise locations in Kansas, …
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City's chain restaurants fail to provide sodium info on menus
When the city proposed that all chain restaurants warn customers about menu items that exceed the daily recommended limit of 2,300 milligrams of sodium, restaurateurs were quick to blast the bill, pointing to a new federal law they said already forced …
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Budapest city guide: what to do, plus the best bars, restaurants and hotels
It is at this time, too, that open-air bars and pavement cafes do roaring trade, and restaurants go alfresco – indeed, Budapest's gastronomic renaissance is one of the most exciting developments to hit the city in recent times. Throw in a flourish of …
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New York Foodies Crown the City's Best Asian Restaurants at Taste Asia Food
This year, Taste Asia also enlisted the public to vote online for their favorite Asian restaurants in the city. Called the Voter's Choice Best Asian NYC Restaurants contest, nearly 400 restaurants from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens vied for New …
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New York City Restaurants Could Soon Be Required to Compost
By the beginning of next month, the city's Sanitation Department will decide whether to make restaurants – as well as hotels, catering companies, grocery stores, and other businesses – compost their food scraps. According to Crain's, the department is …
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Chain restaurants set sights on Dickson City
New-to-the-area restaurant chains have their sights on Dickson City, including the legendary Pittsburgh-based Primanti Bros. and the leading salad chain Saladworks. A longtime staple of the commercial district, Texas Roadhouse, also plans to build a …
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