The Cotton Duck weathers rough seas

The Cotton Duck weathers rough seas
I'm not sure an exhibition of large oil paintings of shipwrecks is the most auspicious subject for a fledgling restaurant to surround its guests with. But that's what's happened at the Cotton Duck, a Wicker Park art gallery/restaurant (artstaurant …
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Hotel Chantelle, London W1: 'I have no idea how they've fashioned this
Not that long ago, in the deepest Florida boondocks, I fell into conversation with locals. “You're from Scotland?” they marvelled. “You must find it awesome over here! Did you have any idea life could be like this?” This, I might add, was in a …
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At Tempura Matsui in Murray Hill, the Pleasures Lie Within
Somehow she had wandered into a new restaurant serving no-choice, two-hour-long menus that climax with a volley of vegetables and seafood, swished around in batter and sent to a pan of hot oil for a final swim. The white-oak counter where she was …
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