3 unique tea-time snacks you can have

Chai or tea in India has a fanbase of its own. Every chai lover holds their chai in a position of high importance. They are particular about the taste of their chai and what snacks go with it. Every person likes their chai differently and people have different favourite tea-time snacks. Some enjoy the good old Marie biscuits with their tea while some prefer thicker cookies. Some even love having salty or spicy tea-time snacks with their tea. Hot Pakode or fritters, fried to crunchy perfection too can taste heavenly with chai!

If you love trying unique snacks with your tea, here are three interesting options for you!

  1. Sunfeast All Rounder Biscuits: Thin Potato Masala Salted biscuits

Sunfeast All Rounder Biscuits: Thin Potato Masala Salted biscuits is one of Sunfeast’s latest products that puts a twist on your everyday potato chips! These “Masaledaar” potato biscuits are the right solution if you want a crunchy light and fun snack during your tea-time. This snack has potato in its base which gives it light and crunchiness. Sunfeast All Rounder Biscuits: Thin Potato Masala Salted biscuits are the perfect combination of potato, biscuit, and masala! They are coated in a spicy yet sweet mouth-watering masala that will leave you licking your fingers and wanting more!

Not only at tea-time, but this unique new snack is also perfect for mid-afternoon hunger pangs, late-night cravings, in between work call munchies and small get-togethers too.

  1. Sunfeast Caker Choco Swiss Roll

Tired of salty snacks? Craving some sweet but normal cookies or biscuits just don’t do it for you anymore? Then you must try the Sunfeast Caker Choco Swiss Roll. It packs the flavour and delight of chocolate in a beautiful swiss roll shape and makes for a unique tea-time snack. Sunfeast Caker Choco Swiss Roll is made with the softest sponge cake and the most indulgent chocolate decoration. Additionally, Sunfeast Caker Choco Swiss Roll contains a chocolatey filling inside that will definitely make your evening!

As the Sunfeast Caker Choco Swiss Roll is a delicious chocolate snack, it can easily be given to your kids to drink with their milk in the evenings too! Similar to this product, Sunfeast also manufactures Sunfeast Caker Butterscotch Layered Cake. It’s a soft sponge cake and its gentle sweetness make for a pleasant tea0time snack. If you are tired of chocolate, this butterscotch option is to die for too!

  1. Sunfeast Farmlite Nuts Digestive Biscuits

You must’ve heard of digestive biscuits. Most adults and elderly choose digestive with their tea because digestive biscuits are light and filled with antioxidants that aid indigestion. Sunfeast Farmlite Nuts Digestive Biscuits is a unique and healthy tea-time snack that inculcates the goodness of digestive biscuits with crunchy nuts to give you a wholesome tea-time experience. This snack will be well-liked by adults and prove nutritious for kids too!

While there are many classic snacks you must have at home, these three snacks will give you something out of the ordinary and really enhance your tea drinking experience

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