5 best places to explore by foodies in Europe

Foodie cannot think of going to a place that is not meant for good taste. Trips and food tourism is all about food, taste, exploration, and satisfaction. Who else can think of these priorities other than a foodie? Europe is one place that has some of the best destinations to plan for a perfect culinary experience.

We bet you may have visited some places but, there may be some that are yet to be explored. Let us help you with some of the most recommended places in Europe to plan a trip that are known for good taste and best chefs.

Five best places to explore by foodies in Europe:

  1. Paris, France:

Paris is one place for the foodies! Their contemporary dishes can make anyone go crazy for the food. Don’t miss their craft beer too! The best part about Paris is their ambiance. The destination is worth spending every penny at the restaurants.

  1. Sardina, Italy:

Italy is the second choice of the foodies! Dining on the mountains is the best experience one can have. Their seasonal menus are worth the wait all year long. People from different parts of the world visit Italy just to taste its authentic dishes and lip smacking recipes.

  1. Ibiza, Spain:

You cannot resist the colourful salads, varieties in dressings, delicious pastas, and more. It is one of the best that you can get in Spain. From diet conscious to junkies, there is room for every type of foodie in Ibiza.

  1. Basque Country:

Basque is one place to try different cuisines and courses. We bet, you will get tired of trying the food but they won’t get tired of serving you.  The bars are usually full of the local crowd during weekends and that is one excuse to be in this place if you are looking for new friends. Make a list of the restaurants you wish to try as soon as you land in Basque Country.

  1. Cornwall England:

Cornwall England is known for beaches and food. They have grocery supplies throughout the year. Don’t miss their local menu if you wish to experience Cornwall closely. This is the place meant for food explorers. The best part is their seasonal feasts which are the best and talked about globally.

We are glad we could share the information on the international kitchen with you. It is time to prepare yourself and make a list of where you wish to be at first to taste the best food in Europe.

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