5 Wholesome alternatives to your favourite evening snacks

Delicious snacks relieve hunger pangs, cravings and boredom and improve one’s mood instantly. We Indians love our snacks, both traditional and modern. Our evening tea time is rather incomplete without a plateful of biscuits or piping hot samosas next to us. Most snacks we enjoy eating are oily, greasy or spicy and contain ingredients that tend to slow digestion too.

With rising health concerns and more people becoming health-conscious it is important for us to reevaluate our snacks and choose healthier options instead of unhealthy delights. There are several delicious snacks in the market today that are made with mindful ingredients and can easily replace your current favourites. Here’s our pick of 7 wholesome snack alternatives to popular unhealthy snacks.

Atta Noodles

Instant noodles have a huge fan following in India. Not just for its easy preparation but also for its delicious taste and interesting spice mixes. Instant noodles are widely had by kids and adults alike as a form of a snack. However, most instant noodles are made with Maida or refined flour which contains close to non-important nutrients and is heavy on the stomach. Atta noodles made by brands like Yippee! Are lighter on the stomach and more wholesome being a tasty snack too!

Semolina Pasta

Italian cuisine gave us not only pizza but pasta too and this has taken the world by storm. Indians love having pasta and have their own spicier, Indianized versions of the dish too. However, many health-conscious people avoid pasta as it is made from refined flour and other ingredients. However, there are wholesome options such as wheat pasta or yippee pasta made from Semolina for you to try too. These are relatively better for your stomach and yippee pasta works as instant pasta so you don’t need to have exceptional cooking skills to enjoy a delectable snack!

Oats Chocolate Cookies

Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate cookies every now and then? Golden brown, baked to perfection, with gooey chocolate chips or melted chocolate inside is a true delight that everyone loves. But such cookies or biscuits contain excessive amounts of sugar and refined flour which should not be consumed on a regular basis. With Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats with Chocolate Biscuits, you can enjoy the divine taste of chocolate in your biscuits without having to worry about it being unhealthy!

Herb-filled Marie Biscuit

Thin and plain, Marie biscuits have been popular for decades in India for their simple and subtly sweet flavour. This quiet sweetness is what makes it the most preferred biscuit to have with chai or tea. Marie biscuits also produce a more herb-filled biscuit called Sunfeast Marie Light Veda. It contains 5 natural ingredients such as Tulsi, ginger, mulethi, cardamom and ashwagandha, making it an exceptionally wholesome tea-time biscuit to have.

Plant-based patty

For those culinary enthusiasts who love making new and exciting restaurant-like dishes at home, you can also try a plant-based protein-rich burger patty that mimics the taste of a chicken burger patty while being filled with wholesome and mindful ingredients. You can use this to make mini burgers at home or rolls too.

In conclusion, there is an increasing number of innovative and nutrient-rich snacks are being introduced in the market. If you are concerned with your and your family’s health, you must explore options and find new ways to bring nutrition into your lives!

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