How to Choose the Best Coffee Roaster – Know About Types of Coffee Roasters

Most people prefer to have coffee in the morning to kick start their day. These days, you find coffee roasters available on the market to get fresh coffee easily. In this article, you can learn how to choose the best coffee roaster for you.

For the most popular Chicago coffee roasters, you must consider visiting the website They provide a range of high-quality coffee roasters that help you in making a delicious taste. Also, they are affordable too.

Types of coffee roasting machines

The following are a few coffee roasting machines used to add a unique taste to the coffee. They include:

  • Fluid air bed roaster
  • Drum roaster
  • Electric roaster
  • Stovetop coffee roaster
  • Popcorn maker

Types of coffee roasters

There are numerous coffee roasters available on the market. Here is a list of a few popular coffee roasters. This information will help you in choosing the right one for you depending on your taste and preferences.

Metric coffee

It is the favorite choice of locals in Chicago. They feel that coffee is something more than a drink. Everything from cultivation to consumers is important. The company publishes reports about working with coffee suppliers and hosts interviews with experts in the coffee industry. Also, they participate in charity events with the coffee suppliers.

Metric coffee provides world-class coffee beans grown in the regions of Peru, Kenya, Peru, Honduras, and Guatemala. Also, they offer brewing machines and coffee to indoor and outdoor events, restaurants, and cafes. In 2018, metric coffee received the award as the best coffee in Illinois.

Big shoulders coffee

Tim Coonan, the founder of the company traveled to different coffee-growing regions to find fine-quality coffee beans. Also, he studied various coffee roasting methods and brewed his coffee. Later, he started a chain of cafes in Chicago.

They offer several coffee blends and beans, which are sourced from different countries. They include Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. If you love to have cold coffee, this roaster is a perfect choice because they offer delicious coffee blends and ready-made drinks.

Intelligentsia coffee

This company was founded in 1995 in Chicago, and it has expanded the shops in various major cities. It added to the list of best roasters in Chicago as well as the U.S. It imports coffee beans from 9 countries and offers more than 20 varieties. Among those, espresso coffee is the most popular choice. Also, the company provides training to brew specialty coffee.

In addition to the above, there are other best coffee roasters, including Dark matter coffee, Bridgeport coffee, and more. Local producers work with the farmers directly, so choosing local roasters ensures that you can get reliable coffee roasters.

The taste of the coffee depends on the quality of the beans and how you brew them. You can even enjoy different coffee blends, such as cookies, chocolate, citrus, flowers, berries, and more. Many online stores offer fresh coffee roasters, choose the best one and order your favorite coffee roasters today to enjoy fresh, delicious coffee.

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