Ice Cream Cardboard Cups: How to Choose the Best

In disposable packaging for chilled food products, specific requirements are imposed to ensure the safety of the contents from several destructive factors at once. Cups for ice cream are made after carefully selecting food-grade plastic combinations. Whether the customer orders one or five scoops of ice cream, you will find a cup of the correct size from 100 to 580 ml in the online store.

It allows the ice cream to be perfectly portioned and served deliciously. The small 100ml paper ice cream cups are also suitable for tasting and tasting cups. All disposable cups are practical, high quality, and can be filled with sherbet, frozen yogurt, and other products. They are also used in canteens, fairs, children’s birthday parties, and street sales.

What are the features of ice cream cups?

Ice cream cups are a combination of quality materials and the unique design style of each company and brand. Such a successful combination in cups guarantees:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • water resistance;
  • gas impermeability;
  • environmental safety.

Takeaway ice cream is top-rated everywhere. As the temperature rises, ice cream season begins again. To satisfy all customers, ice cream parlors and ice cream vendors are armed with our popular paper ice creams in addition to edible ice cream cones. The advantages of these ice cream cups are clear: they are comfortable, durable, airtight, recyclable, and therefore outstanding for children and adults.

Unlimited color combinations with full-color printing

Nowadays, so-called logo ice cream cups are popular. The color system used in production is full color. CMYK is an abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow (yellow), and key (black) and is most commonly used by printers for printing promotional materials. Full-color printing means the manufacturer can print in every color of the rainbow and use the entire surface — the price stays the same no matter how many colors you choose. It gives you unlimited possibilities in the design process. All paints are odorless and tasteless.

Printed ice cream cups add to your marketing and the feel, your visual expression, your visual identity, and the overall experience. Numerous customers can come to your shop and enjoy your product. The ice cream print is a decoration for your signature ice cream that complements the taste experience.

Coated disposable ice cream cups are sealed

Disposable ice cream cups are made of durable and high-quality laminated paper. They are single-walled. The extra coating on one side makes paper ice cream cups or cardboard cups airtight from the inside. This way, ice cream, and other refreshing foods can be enjoyed while walking without the cup getting wet and the ice cream not running on your fingers.

A professional ice-cream seller buys ice cream paper cups in different sizes. Therefore, in the assortment, you will find various small, medium, and large paper ice creams of good quality at reasonable prices, which you can buy from 100 pieces. Small ice cream cups are designed for small servings. It makes them the perfect ice cream for kids or a tasting cup. As the volume increases, the diameter and height of the cup increase so that even large and unusual creations of ice cream with cream and fruits can be sold to take away.

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