My First Time Eating Scissors Cut Curry Rice

Who claims you can only obtain great scissors cut curry rice in classy restaurants? Food is food is food. The only difference is the mix of ingredients (how well they blend with each other, resulting in a gamut of taste and also smell) and the product packaging.

Food may seem straightforward and also plainly functional to some, but to me, it’s multi-dimensional. It’s a whole entity. There’s numerous appearances, flavours, customs, background that goes into it. I am certain that blood and sweat too. However I will certainly delve into that afterward.

Today I wish to bring to light a specific stall that the majority of you could have already heard of or ate at. It’s an instead preferred place. Open from 11am to 3:30 am, this stall can get actually loaded; specifically throughout suppertime.

My first encounter

So just how come I’m instantly so captivated with this curry rice? Maybe it results from the reality that it’s Scissors-Cut Curry Rice. I have Winston to give thanks to for this. He brought me to the stall in pledge that I will certainly be extremely satisfied. He states that it is just one of the pioneer Hainanese curry rice stall. I have actually found out that they named their stall Scissors-Cut Curry Rice due to the fact that they made use of to use scissors to cut the chicken chops. I assume it’s an innovative name and catches one’s attention.

What to order

The tau pok is has great taste due to the fact that it has a larger as well as not empty like what my mum obtains from the marketplace. There is more crunch from it and also quite chewy. The tau pok is drizzled with their black braised gravy that provides it an extra taste.

The secret of their curry is that it is an unique concoction of herbs and also spices. In your bowl of rice, you will see that the sauce are doubled layered. One is the braised dark dressing as well as the various other is the curry. It is this powerful combination that creates the distinct flavour that makes everyone yearn for even more! If you don’t like spicy, you can do without with the curry. I’ll bet it’s equally as good.

The layering of the lor bak gravy and also curry produce a crossbreed sauce that’s … amazing. It’s only somewhat hot and also has a starchy structure, which functions as its indicated to be drizzled over ordinary rice. It was the gravy which boosted the private active ingredients from alright to remarkable. Truthfully I discovered the ngohhiang soggy and the smudged pork cutlet to be on the bad side of salty. Likewise tried a little C’s lor bak as well as discovered it too hard. A fried egg isn’t also difficult to do, however the chupchye was terrific. Soft, sweet as well as distinctly shrimpy. Absolutely nothing goes much better with curry than completely stewed chupchye.

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