Quick Delightful Dessert Recipe

Everyone loves desserts as it improves the mood and create happiness among all. Two quick, easy, and delightful dessert recipes that will make your dayare shared today. It can be prepared for last-minute guests or any event, and your family and guests will relish it. The preparation time is half an hour, so grasp a bottle of milk and one recipe mixture pack and let’s get started.

  1. Kheer

Take rice and wash it properly with water. Then, in thechopper, add rice and crush them well. Now turn on the flame, place a large pan on it, add milk, and bring it to a boil. Then add crushed rice to it and cook well.

Besides this, you can use Kheer Mixture. In that case, add milk to the large bowl and make it boil. Afterwards, add Kheer Mixture to it. It contains crushed rice, sugar, Pistachio, Cardamom. So, just cook and prepareit until the desired concentration is achieved. Next, pour the kheer in a clay cup or mug, and garnish with crushed almonds. Now it is ready to serve. You can also place it in the refrigerator and serve it after cooling.

  1. Feerni

Another dessert that can be prepared at home easily and effectively is Feerni. Take a large pan and add milk along with water. Cook it until bowl at medium flame. Next, add ground rice powder and cook. Later add sugar and stir.

Whereas, for ease, you can use Feerni Mixture. In a large pan, add milk and water, and once it starts boiling, add Feerni Mixture. It contains ground rice, sugar, and crushed nuts. So, with less effort, you can prepare Feerni in less time. Moreover, in a blender, add almonds and prepare almond powder. Add it to the boiling milk and stir occasionally. You can also add a pinch of salt to taste. Once the required consistency is achieved, turn off the flame. Pour the Feerni in the bowl or clay mugs. Garnish it using crushed nuts and refrigerate. Serve well cooled

Bottom Line

Desserts completeyour menu and give a sweet end to your meals. Sweet-dish improves the mood and creates happiness. Custard, tarts with berries and other fruits are also good, but a special dinner or gathering deserves a special dish. Kheer and Feerni are those two special and amazing desserts that are not only quick to make but a crowd-pleaser.

We hope you will try these easy and quick recipes and share your variations in the comments.

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