Still Not Convinced Your Restaurant Needs Online Ordering? These Eight Reasons Will Leave You In No Doubt That It Does! 

From accessories to yellow mustard, there is hardly anything that cannot be ordered online. The Coronavirus pandemic has driven more and more sellers to shift their wares to a virtual platform. The number of consumers making purchases digitally is at an all-time high. Studies project that, now that people have got used to the convenience of online ordering, it will outlive the pandemic, remaining a pivotal mode of sales across industries.

While merchants have many options when it comes to setting up online ordering, nothing beats having your own custom-branded platform. Particularly in the Food and Beverage industry, where there are so many options for customers and competition is incredibly intense, restaurants that have their own online ordering system are seen to be thriving.

If you are still hesitant about getting your own custom-branded online ordering system, here are eight reasons that will convince you to jump on board as soon as you can.

1. You Get Bigger Orders

Studies have revealed that online orders are usually bigger than other types of ordering. According to the figures, on average, an online order generates about a 15-20% higher bill. This is generally attributed to the freedom a customer has to leisurely browse a menu. Because they are able to view all the options, they tend to choose more items. The recommendation facility provides upselling and cross-selling opportunities. With so many possibilities to increase the bill, an online ordering system is definitely the most lucrative ordering channel for your restaurant.

2. You Take All The Profits 

With your own online ordering system, you get to keep all the profits. Third party platforms charge a very hefty fee from merchants – up to 30% of the cost of each dish! Having such a big chunk sliced off your revenue is hurtful to your restaurant’s bottomline. There are no such damaging charges when you own the platform. Your only cost is a minimal subscription fee, a sum so nominal you can easily recover it with your first few orders. From there on, the money is all yours!

3. You Save Time And Money

Think about the cost associated with time spent taking orders on the phone. The calls can become very lengthy if the customer is undecided or has very specific requests. During peak hours, some eateries have a designated person to man the phone. When you use an online ordering system, you cut the number of phone-in orders. Your staff is free to carry on with their other duties unhindered, making them more productive. Time is money in this industry and by saving time you save money.

4. You Minimize The Margin Of Error

Orders that are done digitally are a lot more accurate than phone-in orders. The digital medium removes human error, helping to reduce mistakes. Should there be any queries or confusion there is a clear communication trail that you can refer back to – all concerned parties can see exactly what was ordered and when the order was placed. There will also be fewer returns on account of having served the wrong dishes, reducing the amount of food wastage.

5. You Get A Self-Contained System 

As an end-to-end solution, online ordering services make the entire process far more efficient for you. Customers can check out your offerings, select the dishes they want, place the order and complete payment all on one platform. The best news is, you do not have to get involved at any point! (Well, you do have to make sure the food is made and delivered, but you get the drift!) Bid goodbye to the hassle of carrying change and clunky credit card machines – all your riders need to take along with them is the food.

6. You Are In Control Of Delivery

When the online order system is yours, you can set the parameters of an order. For instance, you can stipulate a minimum spend for deliveries with the option of pick up for bills of a lesser value. Having your own delivery driver is also more economical. You decide on your own fee framework and customer tips go straight into your rider’s pockets. You can train your rider on how to handle and store food so that it arrives in the best condition. A happy customer means less complaints and more repeat orders.

7. You Own Your Customer Data

Any marketing specialist knows the value of customer data. Your own online ordering system gives you unfettered access to your customers’ data. With this information you can profile your customers and so create targeted promotions and marketing campaigns. By uncovering ordering patterns, you can time your communications appropriately, giving patrons a slight nudge to purchase their next meal from you. Upselling and cross-selling can also be more relevant to each diner.

8. Your Customers Prefer It 

A custom-branded online ordering system means your customers will be ordering directly from you. It may sound redundant, but it makes a huge difference to not go through a third party. According to the Oracle Food and Beverage Study of August 2020, 86% of diners have stated a preference for ordering straight from a restaurant over going through a third party, with 65% of them choosing to use either an app or website to place their order. Furthermore, an online presence makes you more discoverable to new customers. All in all, you get more customers and more orders with an online ordering system.

Applova provides custom-branded online ordering systems that can be tailored to suit the needs of your restaurant. With its mobile responsive design, your platform will be accessible on any device. It is easy to set-up, taking under five minutes. Applova’s support staff is available 24X7 so you can reach out any time you may need help. Give your restaurant an edge over its competitors by setting up an online ordering system with Applova.

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