Tips to remember before trying your hand at Indian mithai recipes


You do not need any occasion to have mithai in India. Every achievement or function, big or small, has to be some Indian mithai or otherwise it is incomplete. In India, mithaisare such a big part of our lives that people have started trying their hands in cooking them at the comfort of their homes which obviously means you need to be welcoming to so many errors as well. Sometimes, everything is perfect but still, it does not turn out how you expected it to be. Don’t worry, we have jotted down some tips and tricks regarding a few Indian mithai recipes that you must try in order to make a perfect mithai. Let’s have a look at those now.

  • In order to make the perfect barfi, you need to precisely cook the mixture. If you undercook it, it just wouldn’t set. Remove the mixture from the flame only when it starts to leave the sides of the pan. If you overcook the mixture, it will make the barfi chewy. If you are not sure when to take it off the flame or to avoid overcooking the mixture, try to cook small batches of the mixture.
  • While making gajar ka halwa, use juicy and fresh carrots. Before adding milk, do not forget to saute them in butter or ghee first as it enhances the flavour. Also, do not saute the carrots for a long time and take them off the flame as soon as the moisture from them has dried out. Use a non-stick pan or steel pan instead of aluminium kadai. It will prevent your dish from discolouration if you are planning to cook for a longer time.
  • If you are trying your hands on lauki ka halwa, you must taste the bottle gourd before you start cooking it. Check if it has a neutral taste and it must not taste bitter or sour as it affects the taste of the end result. If you face the situation in which your milk curdles up while cooking lauki ka halwa, you don’t need to panic as it won’t affect your recipe. You can continue with the recipe but it will slightly take longer than usual to get cooked properly.
  • While making Kajukatli, you must grind the cashews finely. Use a blender in intervals instead of the long stretch. Make sure that the cashew dough is soft and non-sticky. Otherwise, it will keep sticking in your finger and would not turn out as desired. You need to make sure that you knead the dough instead of simply rolling it out. The kneaded dough will result in even and smooth Kajukatli.
  • If you want to cook perfect rasmalai, you must aim for super soft chena. It can be achieved only if you boil and curdle the milk properly. Soft chena will make your rasmalai soft or else it will turn out hard. After boiling the milk, switch off the flame and then add the acidic ingredient to curdle the milk. If it does not curdle then put it back on the flame and continue to boil until it happens. Use ice cubes or ice-cold water after you stop cooking or curdling milk so it does not get cooked further because of the heat.


Indian mithai recipes may seem a bit difficult in the beginning, but once you get a hang of it, there is no going back. Try these hacks while making Indian mithai and enjoy with your loved ones.

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