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These 10 Commercial Bakery Tools are Highly Essential!

Kitchen doesn’t look like a kitchen without the right tools. You need to have the right things in place to enjoy cooking and serving too! If you enjoy baking, certain tools are a must for your kitchen mess. Without proper tools, the perfection and presentation seems far away in the dishes.

We have a list of few tools that have been widely used and have been used for years by bakers. These are highly recommended by various experienced bakers who have showcased their best baking skills in their career. Check out the market for Top 10 Must-Have Commercial Bakery Equipment.

These 10 Commercial Bakery Tools are Highly Essential:

  1. Measuring cups, spoons, and spatulas:

Measuring every ingredient properly is highly essential or the dish won’t result perfect. Measuring cups and spatulas come in various sizes. Choose between silicones and plastic as per your preference and requirements.

  1. Scrapers:

Baking is fun and less messy when you have the right scrapers. Scrapers are not just meant for scraping the scrap or leftover food bits, but also to scrape the nooks, corners, and the whole food from the oven. These could be in silicone, wood, and steel.

  1. Commercial bakery oven:

Baking seems like a piece of cake when you have a bakery oven installed at your kitchen area. If you have a good quality one, you don’t have to worry about the number of orders.

  1. Cooling racks for the baked items:

A cooling rack is needed to cool down the baked products. Check out the options online.

  1. Baking pans:

Baking pans come in various sizes and shapes. These also decide how you are expecting the final product to look like.

  1. Stand Mixers:

Commercial kitchens need stand mixers without which the large orders look like a challenge.

  1. Chiller:

Chiller is another important part of your kitchen accessories. These help to store cold storage items such as cream, butter, milk, cheese, etc…

  1. Freezer:

Deep freezers are must in a baker’s den too! Those undecorated cakes, cookies, pies, etc… can be stored and worked later on.

  1. Pastry Brush:

Brushes are essential to grease, spread, or even paint the baking dishes. Check the different sizes and shapes of baking brushes online.

  1. Kitchen Scissors:

Kitchen scissors act like the basic yet the most essential tools for a professional baker. From opening the packages to cutting the tough ones, these come in handy always.

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