The perfect drop: why the Barossa is Australia’s gourmet paradise

The Barossa Valley holds a legendary status amongst the world’s gourmands. Whether indulging in its earthy vinos or visiting this marvellous land itself, there are many reasons why the valley is Australia’s gourmet paradise. It should come as no surprise that so many talented agriculturalists, chefs and winemakers call this enchanting region home, as it has something to offer for everyone who likes a little bon vivantism!

From its rustic hills to its sumptuous cuisine and, of course, that fine Shiraz, here are a few reasons why the valley is the place to truly enjoy life’s greatest pleasures:

  1. It produces our best wine 

No wine is more synonymous with the New World wonder of Australian drops than Barossa Shiraz, a heady mix usually containing flavours of berry and other smokey infusions. Easily the country’s most celebrated drop, connoisseurs from across the globe are always eager to get their hands on a fine bottle of Eisenstone, Wolf Blass Platinum, Heirloom or Teusner.

What’s more, the drop is revered for its food pairings, going perfectly with everything from beef bourguignon to porchetta and a classic roast chicken. So, when it comes to producing the country’s finest wine, there is really no surpassing the divine grapes of this most elegant region!

  1. There is also plenty to do away from wine 

Whilst most travellers venture to the valley eager to taste the fruits of the producers’ labours, there is also plenty to enjoy away from the vineyard. It is, of course, a most beautiful wine region, with vibrant rolling hills that could fool a Tuscan into thinking they were staring out across their own red and yellow-hued vineyards.

This naturally makes for some pretty quality bushwalking, with visitors working off their vino-induced hangovers on some stunning trails, or hiring a bicycle and cruising alongside the region’s fertile farms. The atmosphere alone is enough to invigorate the spirit, as you truly know you’ve reached a place where people take good living seriously and produce the goods to show it!

  1. It also has wonderful food 

Everybody knows that where there is wonderful wine there is going to be some pretty delectable food, too, and the valley is absolutely no exception to the rule. Whilst it may be an Australian and world hub of viticulture, it is also a place where you can easily indulge in gourmet delights that invigorate the senses and delight the palette.

From its legendary restaurants like Hentley Farm and Harvest Kitchen, through to its delightful little chocolate shops, as well as its two world class farmers markets, there is a near-endless abundance of wonderful goodies to enjoy to your heart’s content!

  1. It’s also a great place to learn a few cooking skills 

Because we know that if you love your vino you probably enjoy serving it up alongside some delectable meals, too! Well, anywhere there is fabulous wine and food there is also bound to be a cooking class or two. With truly authentic cooking experiences teaching passionate gourmands everything from pasta making to vegan and even handmade dumplings, there are plenty of avenues to take your culinary skills to new heights of deliciousness.

So, if you’ve been planning a trip to this most sensuous wine region, you will not be disappointed. This lush part of Australia is the ideal getaway no matter what time of year, and always comes with a few delightful surprises on top of all the classic goodness that is coming your way!

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