How To Find A Good Restaurant

One of the most frustrating parts of traveling is finding a great place to eat, especially when you’re already hungry. But part of the charm of traveling is finding great local restaurants and enjoying the local flavors. If end up traveling without the resources to look up reviews online, here are a few tips for finding a great restaurant.

The number one way to find a great local restaurant in the area you are visiting is to ask a local. Most locals will have at least one or two places they can recommend as great places to eat. You might even find a hidden local treasure that you wouldn’t hear about if you were looking up online reviews. Ask several locals for recommendations and if more than one person mentions the same restaurant, you know you’ve got to try it. Although this isn’t always the most accurate way to judge a restaurant during lunch hours, during dinnertime it’s a good idea to check out the wait for seating. Although you may feel too hungry to wait, a local restaurant that has a long line is likely a good bet. People want to go there for a reason. If you find a place and you’re still not sure about it, ask to see the menu. Checking out the menu will give you an excellent picture of the place and help you figure out if this restaurant has the type of food you want. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new places! You may end up finding something you love.

Nirankar Restaurant is a restaurant in Melbourne is well known for its quality of food, consistent excellent services and warm and friendly atmosphere. ( )

The taste at Nirankar extends well beyond the food.

Sophistication, spaciousness and friendly, attentive service are the order of the day. We have an excellent wine list and a metropolitan feel.

The taste at Nirankar extends well beyond the food. Sophistication, spaciousness and friendly, attentive service are the order of the day. We have an excellent wine list and a metropolitan feel. best restaurant melbourne

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Finding a Back Bay Restaurant or Cafe

Once again, we find ourselves trailing through the Back Bay in Boston, Massachusetts.  In addition to a steaming hot breakfast we are craving an artsy atmosphere that will welcome us and allow us to do some of the work we have piling up on us.  While taking in our savory breakfast, we need to prepare for an upcoming interview.

Taking in the warm sun rays while looking for a nearby café, we have spotted an establishment that we consider a good match for our needs today and decide to walk in.  The hustle and bustle of Back Bay Restaurants in the morning is something that many people find appealing.  This is because the motivation of others in pursuit of new adventures in the morning can be inspiring. In addition, of course, a busy café usually signifies an outstanding cup of coffee, tea, or baked good. 

Being sure to scope out the crowd’s selection of food and beverage there seems to be a common pattern.  Although our Back Bay Restaurant is a café, it seems to provide ample space for a diverse crowd to gather in.  For those with computers resting on the table in front of them, a piping hot cup of coffee rests by their side.  For those that are taking their breakfast on the go, iced tea beverages and scones seem to be a popular choice. 

Knowing what category of person you fall into, you decide to order a piping hot coffee and set up your computer, coffee, pen, and note pad at a small table.  Opening your laptop you take a long sip of your coffee.  Although you are satisfied with your selection, you feel compelled to come back soon to try one more of the many other flavors to choose from.  Immediately feeling refreshed from your peppermint latte, you finally have the opportunity to go over the notes for your interview. 

To someone who doesn’t normally venture into the city, a busy café’s or Back Bay Restaurant can and does make one feel uncomfortable.

A crowded place with a lot of noise can do that to even the most extreme social butterfly. Please do note, however, that it sometimes encourage creative new ideas with current or future projects.  This could be vital for landing a new job at that interview!

Taking in the chic atmosphere with the warm surroundings of fellow city-goers it is no surprise that you’re starting to feel comfortable and confident and you will be coming back to this Back Bay Restaurant another morning.  Whether you are coming in before work or lazily strolling in on a Sunday afternoon, you feel that you will be welcomed with a warm drink and decadent baked good.  Finishing up your work you decide to head off to your interview feeling overcome with confidence that you can do anything after discovering another great Back Bay Restaurant!  Next time, we will dive into drinks for later in the evening in our favorite neighborhood.  There are a multitude of restaurants serving up ice cold drinks from beers, to cognacs, to martinis, margaritas!


Paul Marino has been writing about the restaurant industry for over 20 years. He recommends FiRE and iCE as the best Back Bay Restaurant for a unique and memorable dining experience.


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