The Star Inn the City, York, review: 'a jewel of a place'

The Star Inn the City, York, review: 'a jewel of a place'
I'm a font snob, and the menu – with its Harvesteresque type – had set me up to expect something ordinary, despite the restaurant's provenance. My posh cocktail extinguished that fear. We were famished and because K doesn't have a sweet tooth and I was …

The Worst Yelp Reviews of the Best Restaurants in America
Momofuku Ssäm Bar, New York City: 1,750 Reviews, 4 Stars. Dan W.: "PORK BUNS = DISGUSTING!!! I've had pork buns in many different places. In hong Kong, in flushing queens, nyc takeout it is one of my favorite foods!!!! BUT…these were BY FAR the …
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Eye-catching Amilinda's menu built on Spanish and Portuguese flavors
After downtown workers left for the day, the 300 block of E. Wisconsin could look like tumbleweeds might roll through at any moment — a quiet block, despite an Ethiopian restaurant at one end and a succession of little restaurants midblock. But then a …
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José Pizarro restaurant review: a taste of Spain for the City set

José Pizarro restaurant review: a taste of Spain for the City set
London has never been much of an outdoorsy city. At some point, our creators looked at the skies and decided we could do without the piazzas of Rome or the pavement cafés of Paris. The word we use to describe eating in the open air is one of our most …
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Restaurants & Bars
Whether you're planning to pour wine at your Thanksgiving meal or to bring a bottle to a restaurant, there is a mind-bending array of options available to you. Multi-dish meals like Thanksgiving provide a lot of wine pairing possibilities—too many, in …
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Check, Please! Bay Area reviews: Papillon, Marla Bakery, La Viga Restaurant
This new episode reviews Papillon, a restaurant with Old World charm serving traditional dishes prepared tableside in Fremont, Marla Bakery, a bakery that also serves organic breakfasts and brunches in San Francisco, and La Viga, a restaurant serving …
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The Peat Inn: restaurant review

The Peat Inn: restaurant review
Wilson sold up in 2005 to Geoffrey Smeddle, another classically trained chef with time at the Orrery and Café Royal in London, who had then run the Conran group's first restaurant in Glasgow. (He's also a food columnist for the Sunday Herald with a …
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Eusebi Deli, Glasgow G4: 'I'm delighted by the idea of "yesterday's lasagne
Eusebi Deli, Glasgow G4: 'I'm delighted by the idea of "yesterday's lasagne"' – restaurant review. 'Eusebis happily wanders all over Italy's boot for its plunder, not bothering with any of this modern “We're Puglian/Ligurian/Calabrian” posturing …
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Review: Ask Italian restaurant in Beverley
The restaurant also makes children feel welcome by providing them with their own menu with a colouring-in page and games. I'm rather bored of this trick, which seems to be offered at every family-friendly restaurant these days, but, I have to say, the …
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Zoës Kitchen offers tasty Mediterranean

Zoës Kitchen offers tasty Mediterranean
Zoës Kitchen offers tasty Mediterranean – Dothan Eagle: Restaurant Reviews · Advanced Search · 69° · Overcast · Home · Subscribe to Newspaper · RSS Feeds · E-mail Alerts · Contests · News · Crime/Court · Business · Education · Editorials · Letters to …
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Restaurant Review: Santa Monica Yacht Club Is Pure California
In writing about L.A. restaurant tendencies over the last couple of years, the trend that seems the most incongruent — sitting as we are on the precipice of the great Pacific Ocean — is the proliferation of East Coast–style seafood joints. But in …
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Which restaurant is best in Boynton? Check the best of Tom Peeling!

Which restaurant is best in Boynton? Check the best of Tom Peeling!
When you've reviewed an estimated 500 restaurants for the Neighborhood Post section in the past 15 years, the foods and restaurants begin to run together. Someone's greasy burger blends right in with someone else's cardboard-crusted pizza.
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Shotgun: restaurant review
In the modern age of flash and bravura, every new restaurant must have its Instagrammable dish; that food item which, like Prufrock's patient etherised upon a table, is designed to be held forever in a pixilated, electronic glow. And here it comes at …
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Restaurant review: Craft House in Suffern, N.Y.
Because this gastropub is run by two Bergen County Italian restaurant veterans who have brought fine-dining flair to their menu. Craig Levy, the longtime owner of Rocca in Glen Rock, a contemporary Italian BYO, and Rocca's former manager, Robert …

Review: Verge restaurant in Los Gatos' Toll House Hotel
Like those popovers, hidden from view in their paper bags, the restaurant itself is off the beaten path. Located inside the Toll House Hotel, it was revamped earlier this year and renamed Verge because it's on the verge of downtown Los Gatos …
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Restaurant Review: Wildair on the Lower East Side

Restaurant Review: Wildair on the Lower East Side
When serious, reputation-making restaurants run out of room on the walls to hang all the awards, chefs open a cheaper, more casual restaurant nearby. Like a dutiful younger brother, the second restaurant is supposed to work harder, please more people, …
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The 2014 Restaurant Reviews
A list of his 10 favorite restaurants of the year can be found here. All'onda … WHAT THE STARS MEAN Ratings range from zero to four stars and reflect the reviewer's reaction primarily to food, with ambience, service and price taken into consideration.
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Yes, Positive Reviews Can Spoil Beloved Restaurants
I remember when the New York Times food critic Pete Wells named a small ramen pop-up shop in Queens his favorite in New York City. It was refreshing to see a then no-name shop beat out the big establishments, but it was also a certified bummer: My …
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Restaurant Review: Gabriel Kreuther in Midtown
In that space, Mr. Kreuther imported the four-course $ 98 prix fixe format that was in place when I gave the Modern's dining room operation three stars in 2013. He has reproduced much of his last restaurant's tone, too, with formal but cheerful servers …
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The cocktails flow at GreenRiver

The cocktails flow at GreenRiver
Meyer, whose Union Square Hospitality Group includes some 13 New York restaurants known for obsessive customer service, and his partners Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon, a pair of Belfasters who upended the idea of what an Irish pub should be, have …
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Review: Bastible – book it now, while you can
My husband hates me. Well, not me exactly. But here in a room painted bottle green, he hates what I (and others) am about to do to his dream restaurant. I am obliged to tell you all how bloody marvellous it is. So we'll have a slim to none chance of …
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Inconsistency Undercuts Michael White's Posh New Temple to French Cooking
On my first visit to Vaucluse, the new 170-seat French restaurant in Michael White's group Altamarea, I ordered a comté crêpe with hazelnuts and truffles, anticipating that aromatically-charged moment. But it arrived already scattered, with three grams …
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Toronto's Lamesa transforms Filipino cuisine into a fine art
It was exquisite, all of it, one of the most refreshing dining experiences I've had in this city. And, although that kamayan dinner is available only on Sundays – Lamesa serves its superb, modern-Filipino cooking on plates, with cutlery, through the …
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Think twice before believing a good online review. Here's why…
In a bid to understand what platforms like TripAdvisor — an online portal that has registered sites in 34 countries but is accessible across the world, crowd sourcing ratings for hotels, B&Bs and restaurants — look for while identifying fake reviews …
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