Corporate Cafeterias Increase Employee Satisfaction

Having a workplace cafeteria isn’t dull or outdated; rather, it’s a worthy investment for every business. Amid their busy schedules, employees hardly have time to step out of the office premises and get lunch for themselves. Eating together at workplaces allows employees to enjoy nutritious, sanitary, and healthy food.

Besides, corporate cafeterias have comfortable sitting arrangements, where employees can have their food comfortably while interacting with coworkers. In short, investing in a corporate cafeteria amounts to employee satisfaction, which means they’ll perform better at work.

Still in a dilemma about whether you should hire a corporate cafeteria management company for in-house food service? Then read this guide till the end, where we’ll let out everything you need to know about corporate cafeteria management companies.

What Is A Corporate Cafeteria?

You already know what corporate cafeterias are– an eating place in the office building that provides employees of a company with quality food. The cost of each meal in the workplace cafeteria is either paid by the company or the employee. However, in some cases, both the employee and the company, in conjunction, may bear the expense.

Corporate cafeterias are quite similar to school and college eateries, though you’re less likely to find nuggets on their menu cards. Like most companies, you can run an in-house cafeteria, but hiring a management company is more economical.

Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies– What Do They Do?

As against in-house cafeterias, corporate cafeterias take the burden off your shoulders by handling everything, from planning menus to cleaning up dishes. In case you don’t have a cafeteria at your establishment, the corporate cafeteria management company you hire will help in setting up one.

We’ve discussed every aspect here, so you can get a clear picture of what to expect from a corporate cafeteria management company.

  1. Ordering Ingredients

Corporate cafeteria management companies order ingredients in bulk because their services extend to multiple businesses. And since they’ve been in the industry for years, they have connections with national food distributors.

As such, vendors offer them hefty discounts on the ingredients they order. This way, both management companies, and businesses save a lot of money.

  1. Drafting Menus

Would you like it if you were served salmon patties or vegetable sandwiches every day? Of course not!

Corporate cafeteria management companies understand that; for this reason, they serve different dishes every day. So, the task of drafting menus is also undertaken by management companies whom you hire.

One day your employees may be served lip-smacking fried chicken, while they may munch on Thai salads the next day.

  1. Cooking Food

The last thing any business owner would want to do is check whether the in-house cafeteria chef is fulfilling their responsibility.

But when it comes to corporate cafeteria management companies, you need not worry about a thing. That’s because they hire responsible chefs who know how to carry out their duties diligently, so they will prepare the food on time, leaving no room for complaints.

  1. Serving Food

After food is prepared, serving it to your employees is also the responsibility of the corporate cafeteria management company.

Some companies offer lunch boxes, while others serve food by setting up serving stations like in schools. However, there are a few companies that are resorting to self-checkout models because they are cost-effective.

  1. Cleaning Up The Mess

From dirty dishes to stained desks, corporate cafeteria management companies clean up all the mess that happens during the lunch break. As such, your employees won’t have to undertake the painstaking task of washing their plates or cleaning spills and stains from the table.

Corporate Cafeteria Trends That Have Taken Over The Old-School Model

Corporate cafeterias are no longer limited to cilantro salad or grilled sandwiches. Over the years, food service companies have transformed a lot both in terms of experience and cost.

Let’s take a look at the three fresh workplace cafeteria trends that are altering the way people eat at work.

  1. Seasonal Menu Items

When it comes to seasonality, cafeteria vendors aren’t able to think much because they cook food from pre-packaged ingredients that are sent from a central warehouse. They may include veggies and fruit salads in their menu, but that also depends on the ingredients they receive.

Local restaurants have the upper hand because they are able to add in-season ingredients to their menus. So, local eateries set up their pop restaurants at corporate cafeterias, just like they would do at any event. Such unique concepts allow employees to taste delicious meals from other restaurants that would have been impossible during office hours.

  1. Guest Stars

Cafeteria menus become dull or dated at some point because they cook food using the same recipes, ingredients, and spices.

Let’s be honest– no one likes munching on the same dishes every day. To provide employees with tasty food, corporate cafeterias often welcome culinary guest stars into their cafeteria kitchens.

  1. Technology

When a corporate cafeteria management company commits to providing employees with a variety of dishes, it unlocks some exciting possibilities. As such, employees’ minds are flooded with numerous questions, like whether the office cafeteria will have a guest restaurant or seasonal food anytime soon.

Instead of creating suspense, why not update every little detail on a website where employees can check out menus and restaurants that will be making guest appearances at the cafeteria? This way, employees would know what to expect in the upcoming days.

Wrapping It Up

Facebook, Apple, Google, and Silicon Valley companies have corporate cafeterias that allow coworkers to relax during lunch breaks while enjoying their meals comfortably. Sure, it may sound like a hefty investment, but it will provide your employees with healthy meals, leading to satisfaction.

Corporate cafeteria management companies handle everything from the get-go– setting up a cafeteria, drafting menus, cooking and serving food, and cleaning. And not every corporate cafeteria management company charges a ton from its customers for rendering these services.

Before sealing the deal with a management company, take quotes from the majority of them, compare them against the services offered and then decide. When that’s done, you can focus on other aspects of your business and let the cafeteria management company take care of meals.

So, that’s about it. Bye for now!

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