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Starting a coffee shop sounds like a simple idea but if you want your business to stand out from the rest, you should never compromise on the quality of the coffee equipment supplies you invest in. At Pesado, we specialize in manufacturing precision coffee tools that are unique, durable and complement your business or home in terms of finishing and aesthetics. 

A favorite among the equipment you can shop for with us is the coffee tamper.  We manufacture a wide range of coffee tampers that allow you to have the best precision because you are able to control the variables in your coffee.

What are a coffee tamper and its purpose?

Any professional barrister understands the importance of having a well-functioning coffee tamper. A tamper looks like that item you find a postal worker using to add a postmark on letters. It has a round metal disk with a flat base and a nice curved handle to match. The materials used to make the round base are mostly stainless steel but it can also be made of other high-quality materials that will not compromise the quality of your coffee.

Its main purpose is to allow you to make a puck of coffee from where your coffee flavors will be extracted. The right tamper ensures that you get the right coffee density in your puck. This is essential because, without it, your favorite cup of coffee or espresso may just taste like water that flavored with coffee. 

Spouted portafilters

As you can imagine, the sprouts on any of our range of portafilters are designed to correctly direct where your coffee should flow within your cup or another container. An even tamp helps you to produce an even extraction when making espresso. This is only achievable by ensuring you keep the ground levels well within your portafilter to allow even water penetration. We have 6 different types of portafilters that are either spouted or bottomless.

Coffee filter baskets

If you have given the coffee-making process a keen thought, you may have wondered how you are able to get coffee without particles even after using ultra-fine coffee to produce your drink. A coffee basket is a metal filter that is used under high pressure and ultra-fine coffee to produce your favorite drink such as espresso. If you are looking for a filter basket for your coffee machine, we have a variety that ranges in shapes, sizes and finishes. They are perfectly compatible with our coffee tamper. Even if you are simply seeking to replace a broken one in your, our basket filters perfectly fit in any coffee machine depending on your size of choice.

Pesado Milk jug:

This is a jug that we have specifically curated and created to bring you the perfection and precision you desire to have as you serve your customers. It comes with a dosing cup that completes the professional yet elegant look you portray while serving your coffee. 

Reach out to us or browse through our online shop for these and more coffee equipment supplies and the best prices.

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